Our Services

From auditions and self tapes, custom curriculums, voice over, video editing, industry consultations, on-set coaching and more, Stephanie has got it covered!  

Custom Curriculums - Packages

Building independent artists. Stephanie will get to know your strengths and where you want to grow in order to develop a curriculum just for you! Each program is developed to meet the needs and career goals of each actor. With a background in acting, musical theatre, film production, casting and voice over, Stephanie focuses on developing programs to nurture well rounded artists that aspire to work in the film and television industry. We will build on more advanced skills from a variety of topics to grow to your full potential. Areas of study include; audition technique and scene study, the craft of acting, character development, feature length script study, on-set prep, video projects, voice over, theatre and stage performance, and career coaching. This is a great option for serious working actors or students who are looking for an extracurricular arts program.

Acting Coaching

Before the world of self tapes, actors used to have to audition in-person! If you have a live audition via zoom or in person, but don’t want to invest in our custom curriculum packages, and don’t need any video services, then this is for you. Get some excellent coaching, sharpen your technique and nail your live audition session!

Self Tapes

We are working in the world of self tapes, and you need an awesome self tape to stand-out! Take away the stress of all the technical stuff, and just focus on your job, acting, and let us take care of the rest! Come down to our cozy home studio where you will receive a coaching and taping session. We are equipped with standard casting setup, including a Sony 4K camcorder, LED lighting setup and professional sound recording. Best of all, we have an in-house professional film editor to add that magic pop to your tapes! We have an “actor washroom” with all the hair products you need to look your best! Not to mention the free parking. Can’t make it to the studio? No problem! We can tape virtually as well anywhere in the world! Every tape is coached and recorded, professionally edited and a wetransfer is sent to you and your agent. Don’t have time to upload it yourself? Just give us your password and we will upload to Casting Workbook/Actors Access/ Casting Networks for you at no extra cost.

Live Callback Sessions

Stephanie has been hosting live-callbacks for years with great success! This is where her students shine, booking multiple series lead roles and feature films! We ask students to come to the studio an hour early to mentally prepare positive performance psychology and acting coaching. Stephanie will handle all the technical aspects of the zoom call, act as a reader if requested by casting and recording a copy of the session. If the call is dropped or casting has technical issues, a private copy of the callback session can be sent to your agent. No matter what happens, the directors and producers will see you in your best light, as Stephanie stands quietly on the side lines, cheering you on! Be prepared that most auditions can take up to 30-90min. Callback sessions take top priority, and we will ask other students to reschedule classes to accommodate such an important request.

Voice Over Auditions - NEW

We are set up for beginner Voice Over auditions. Stephanie is a graduate of the full time diploma program at On The Mic (North America’s only PCTIA accredited Voice Acting School), and recently played 4 characters in a video game! Her clients have voiced shows like "Cocomelon" and she already has been an onset coach for one of her clients on an animation project with Image Create Media. We have a Neumann TLM 103, Senheisser, SSL, and edit on Pro Tools. We have an audio treated walk-in closet, but with some fun LED lighting, we call it Studio B or Stephanie’s Clubhouse!

Demo Video Editing

Need a demo for an agent submission? Perhaps your agent would like a proper demo of all the cool projects you’ve been in. We have got you covered! Our in-house editor Jake has been a professional editor for over a decade. When he isn’t working his day job, as part owner of Fresh Air Cinema, Jake edits all of our videos for us. He will be sure to help you get a professional demo done with a video that you and your agent will love!

Technical Consultation

Our film editor and technical guru Jake is always available to answer your questions on your home studio setup. We will look at your space, and consult on ring lights, backdrops, cameras and everything else you might need for your remote/home studio setup.

Parent and Industry Consultation

With a background in casting for commercials and music videos for Bell Media and Disney, virtual reality projects, short films and a previous casting assistant for Tiffany Mak we will take an in-depth look at your marketing. Headshots, resumes, casting profiles, social media, demo reels, agency relationships, We want to make sure that your agent has everything they need to do their job, and that you have a team that loves your unique talents.

Set Prep

BOOKED IT! The term every actor (and agent) loves to hear! Now what?! You have to get ready to collaborate with an entire film team, and be able to show up to set feeling like a pro! Let’s get you ready for you to go to set and cover everything you need to know “on the day”. How to show up fully prepared, staying flexible and able to collaborate with a director, read a call-sheet, know how to ask for a 10-1, know what it means when they are “grabbing your coverage” and being able to give an Oscar worthy performance! This is always recommended for actors (and their chaperones) before heading to set! This is your moment to shine, let’s embrace the moment with confidence! Perfect for actors heading to set for the first time, or for actors who are prepping multiple episodes on a series lead!

On Set Coaching

Working on-set, Stephanie is full of quick fixes to get the production back on track and getting actors to give their best performances. She has worked on multiple productions as an onset coach, specializing in working with young actors for films and voice over. She is an expert at helping actors while staying out of the Director's way. She recently worked on an award winning film “My Name is Arnold” helping a young Korean actor, who had never acted before, to giving a festival award winning performance! She also worked with a neurodivergent actor in the VO booth in "Run Jump Play!" She is also available as an on-set chaperone.

Educational Workshops

Stephanie has taught for numerous studios, schools and in the community over the last decade. Before launching her own studio she previously developed curriculums and workshops in both acting and filmmaking for a variety of programs with Casting Workbook Labs, West Point Gray Academy, West Vancouver Community Arts Council, Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts, Arts Reach, The Screen Actors Studio and Biz Studio. If your school would benefit from a workshop in Acting On Screen, we would love to collaborate with you! We have a mobile workshop kit perfect to teach anywhere and have also taught full "Acting on Screen" curriculums virtually on zoom.

Guest Workshops - COMING SOON!

We love to host specialty guest workshops for our students! We have heard countless directors in live callback sessions rant about the importance of improv to add a competitive edge for our actors. So, last spring break we held workshops in Improv! With special guest instructors Allie from Black Tiger Comedy and the talented David C. Jones. We continue to look for amazing guests to help keep our students competitive and to thrive in our industry! It takes a village! We hope to have workshops coming this summer and are currently looking to collaborate with instructors in Musical Theatre, Stunts, Modelling, Singing, Improv, Accents and Dialects. We want our students to be well rounded and look for trusted members in our community to teach with us. If you’re interested in teaching with Stephanie, reach out, we would love to have our students learn from you! Let’s work together to build stronger artists and a stronger community.


Stephanie teaches at her home studio on the boarder of Surrey/Langley (40min drive from Vancouver) in British Columbia’s thriving Hollywood North. She also teaches online with clients in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and beyond! 

We teach all ages! From kids to seniors and everyone in between, all ages are welcome! Our youngest actor ever to book a role was only 3.5 years old! We have also helped many seniors with auditions and getting ready for set! No matter your age, it’s never to early or to late to perform! 


  • Professional photography backdrops for your perfect blue screen audition.
  • 4K Sony Camcorder, never out of focus.
  • Rode Mic
  • Studio Lighting
  • In house professionally edited tapes, done by our editor Jake.

AKA Stephanie’s Secret Club House!

  • Neumann TLM 103
  • Senheisser
  • Solid State Logic Interface
  • Editing done on ProTools
  • Music Stand
  • Fun LED lights
  • Complimentary Acting Folder is provided for all of your homework when you start private lessons.
  • SD cards are an extra $10 charge to save all of your class work
  • Please bring a copy of your sides, though we can print them in a pinch! Stephanie is environmentally friendly and will use her iPad.
  • Please come with your lines memorized as best as you can! This allows Stephanie time for more detailed coaching.
  • Stephanie will send you a complimentary Self Tape Guide at the time of booking.
  • We have a variety of complimentary toiletries including hair products, guest toiletries and first aid kit.
  • We have a famous jar of Welches if you need a little snack!  
  • Please bring a water bottle.

We use imagination, empathy and body awareness. Acting techniques stem from a variety of ideologies about acting. However, we do not use any “method acting” techniques at the studio. Your emotional consent, mental health and career longevity is extremely important to us. We only use ethical practises when working with actors, especially kids, to respect your well being. We are constantly researching new ways to train actors in more meaningful and respectful ways. We believe in respecting boundaries and that keeping your personal integrity should be paramount in this industry. We keep Kids Help Phone cards in our washroom so every actor can access confidential help if they need it. We maintain open communication with families and agents, so that your wellbeing comes first. 

We embrace neurodiversity and understand that different brains think in different ways. We all have different views and processes the world around us a little differently. Many of our clients are neurodivergent, and we do our best to come up with new ways to coach our clients to offer them support. 

  • Ample guest parking!
  • Shopping! 5 min away from Willowbrook Mall, Costco, SuperStore, Walmart, Indigo, Shoppers Drug Mart, Banks, Homesense, Winners, Pet Stores, Tim Horton’s and anything else you might need!
  • Roam the grounds while you are waiting for your actor to finish, with a picnic area and gazebo by the pond with lots of neighbourhood paths to walk your dog!

We understand that life…happens! We kindly ask that you give us 24 hours notice when cancelling or rescheduling a class, and that all credits are used within one year of purchase. 

Please note that we have the right to refuse any client at anytime if we aren’t a good fit. 

PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE STUDIO SICK! You will put Stephanie and all the students we teach at risk. This is a major concern for actors who have to go to set on short notice. We are happy to make online arrangements for the safety of everyone here at the studio.

We are a dog friendly studio! Cleo and Troy are both hypoallergenic Havanese x Yorkies. They love to encourage actors with lots of cuddles and sitting in the audience. Troy used to model for national furniture companies, like Urban Barn and Article! He loves to sit on the mark with our actors. Our dogs have been featured in many commercial self tapes! They will be very excited to see you!