Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Halber is a leading industry acting coach, revolutionizing how actors are trained with attention to empowering actors towards industry excellence through imagination, empathy, and emotional wellbeing as top priorities in changing actors’ lives and careers. 

Our Mission

We aim to protect and develop the wellbeing of all actors and performers so they can reach their full potential in the craft of acting at the highest level of industry standards, from private classes, self tapes, on-set coaching and the red carpet!

Our Vision

We care about each actor as individuals, with an expertise in young actors, actors with diverse learning needs, out of the box approaches to the craft of acting, and creating custom curriculums to tailor to each actor we train. Fostering a community of respect, staying true to your integrity and kindness. We build on your creativity, and trusting yourself, so you can become an independent leader in your career. Confident, resilient, and ready to collaborate with anyone in the audition process, on-set, or with your next agent or publicist.

Client Testimonials