Stephanie In The Film Industry

Casting Director

Stephanie is an experienced casting director who has worked on several projects. She has been in charge of casting actors for Disney’s promo of Descendants 3, a commercial for Bell Media and TVB Network Television, “Another Era” out of Hong Kong, virtual reality projects, a feature film “Operation Bring Back Christmas”, award-winning short films, and a musical ensemble for Reliant Music.

Stephanie has seen thousands of auditions and started working in casting by assisting other casting directors as a camera operator and reader. Today, she still has the permission to cast actors through Casting Workbook, which gives her a unique perspective on the casting industry.

“Working with Stephanie is great. She’s bright, works hard and is a pleasure to have in the room.”
Tiffany Mak
Casting Director

A Leo Award nominated Producer

Stephanie has been a producer on 25+ projects overseeing films from start to finish screening at festivals around the world!

Fresh Air Cinema

As previous community coordinator, Stephanie loves supporting Jake our in-studio editor, who is also part owner of Fresh Air Cinema. They love working on the family run business that helps bring families together to share their love of movies. Be sure to visit Jake at the and listen for Stephanie during the announcements! She's the voice of FAC!

Arts Admin

Volunteering her time at awesome local festivals and non-profit organizations, she's supported film makers in countless ways. She was honoured to have won the "Keith Provost Award" for her dedicated community involvement.


She also worked on 2 documentaries, including "Hear the Call" with National Geographic explorer Josh Thome, and "Cool Daddy" on CBC Gem.

Virtual Reality

As a moderator for a panel on virtual reality during the Vancouver Web Series, and acting in a VR project, Stephanie keeps up with changing media and is excited for what the future will bring.